The Te-Tini-O-Hakuturi are legendary creatures from the country of New Zealand in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.

Photo Courtesy of Tú Nguyễn

About the Te-Tini-O-Hakuturi

These fairy like creatures have a variety of aliases including: “The offspring of Tane” (Referring to Tane-mahuta, lord of the forests), “the host of Hakuturi” and “the multitude of bow-legged ones”. As that last name implies, these forest dwellers are thought to be bowlegged in their original form, but may take the shape of insects or birds.
These creatures are guardians of the forest. If you would take something of the forest, such as chopping down a tree, you need to appease the spirit world first or these little guys just may put the tree right back where it came from, as happens in the legend of Rata.

In the World of Ekunbi

The Te-Tini-O-Hakuturi appears in my current work in progress as the character “Whetu”, whose animal form is the kea parrot of the South Island of New Zealand. Whetu is mentor to Tane Hapuku, a Maori boy in the Aero Company. In Ekunbi, the Te-Tini-O-Hakuturi typically dwell in The Glen Territory, ruled by Cinzano, Lord of the Glen.


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