Would anyone dare to believe in a world where humans from all across the globe can coexist in harmony with one another? It can be difficult to imagine earth that way but, in the world of Ekunbi, humans from every corner of the earth are all on the same team. Not only do they get along with one another, but they also work hand in hand with thousands of legendary creatures and myths that would astound even the most learned of scientists.



In this place, humans would hardly be considered top of the food chain. However, with the help from the Dragon, the Troll and a few unexpected allies, they will come to find they wield more power than they could have imagined.

 The Dragon, Jin Tian Shi, is ruler of Westroc (one of eleven territories of Ekunbi) and a member of the Grand Council. He once had the power to create portals from his mountain to earth; these portals are what the humans now call the Flux Tunnels.

 Thousands of years ago, when he first took over the Westroc Territory, the Dragon created an army of humans and dwellers of Ekunbi. These humans had command of an ancient earth magic. But when the Dragon’s Army was annihilated in the Great War, the Council, who feared the threat the human’s posed to their own power, agreed that humans could continue coming to Ekunbi, but that the Dragon could not teach them the ancient magical powers.

Distraught by the loss of his friends and allies, the Dragon did not bring humans back into the realm of Ekunbi for a very long time. In fact, a few hundred years elapsed and legendary creatures continued to pour into earth, giving birth to many of the world’s folklore and fairy tales. Such creatures include the legendary typhonic beast, the ferocious dingonek, the humble monaciello and so many more. The Dragon eventually saw the dangers some creatures from Ekunbi posed to the unprotected humans and felt it time to resume his work with them. He built up an Academy that would graduate humans and Ekunbi dwellers to help control those creatures on earth, to guard the Flux Tunnels of the mountain and to only permit creatures who promised no ill to humankind. Finally he began raising a new Dragon Army and none too soon either. For you see, Jin Tian Shi could foretell the future and he knew the peace Ekunbi had been enjoying would soon be at an end. The enemy of the Great War was stirring and even allies within the Territories would very much like to control the portal to the human world.

A dangerous time was coming to Ekunbi and each of his soldiers would play a part. But no part would be so great as the part played by a young girl who, at this time, was only fourteen years old and blissfully unaware the land of Ekunbi or any of its magical inhabitants even existed.