Introducing Ekunbi

There are creatures in our stories and legends whose very existence would threaten the entire human race. Mythological beings who would make hardened soldiers shudder. These myths exist for a reason. The monsters are out there. The only thing standing between them and the annihilation of the human world is the Dragon and his army. But every army needs recruits, and when young Reagan O'Rourke is rescued from mortal danger, she decides to join her rescuers in the fight for the human world. Even her allies have secrets however, and when her new friends go missing, young Reagan must discover what kind of power a young teenager can have and how that power will disrupt the political scheming of very powerful enemies. The land of Ekunbi is both a fantastically magical place, as well as a place full of terrifying power. Among Ekunbi's eleven united territories lies the Westroc Territory, ruled by the Dragon. It is also the home of Westroc Academy where the Dragon and several others t