About Me

Reilly Kissane, or R.A. Kissane is the pen name I use for my fantasy writing in order to separate my genres and writing styles. My real name is Hannah Brinza.  Kissane is my grandmother's last name and, as one of the strongest supporters of my literary development, it seems only fitting I use her name for my stories. 

I recently finished my debut novel: A Bolt from the Blue. The first of several series to take place in the magical and ancient world of Ekunbi.
It is truly hard to get to know a person by reading their bio alone, but here goes.  I grew up in Michigan and have since traveled all over the United States and beyond. I am married to the love of my life, and have three large dogs; Riley, Blue and Emma. I was a complete nerd growing up and have been creating stories since before I could write. Like many true Michiganders, I enjoy sitting by a lake and just watching the waves break on the beach. I also enjoy board games, puzzles and ice hockey.

I started my career as an athletic trainer, helping my teams to win two conference championships and attend several NCAA Championships. After I received my masters degree, I changed careers to become an ergonomic engineer where I discovered that my love for writing might be more than just a passion. While technical writing can be satisfying in many ways, I very much missed creating stories. 

For over a year I have been road tripping across the United States with my family in a 25 foot trailer and let me tell you, quarantining in a tiny tin can with three large dogs has been...interesting. But it has allowed me to finish my novel and begin the daunting task of querying agents.

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