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Portal to Ekunbi

Would anyone dare to believe in a world where humans from all across the globe can coexist in harmony with one another? It can be difficult to imagine earth that way but, in the world of Ekunbi, humans from every corner of the earth are all on the same team. Not only do they get along with one another, but they also work hand in hand with thousands of legendary creatures and myths that would astound even the most learned of scientists. Map by R.A. Kissane In this place, humans would hardly be considered top of the food chain. However, with the help from the Dragon, the Troll and a few unexpected allies, they will come to find they wield more power than they could have imagined. The Dragon, Jin Tian Shi, is ruler of Westroc (one of eleven territories of Ekunbi) and a member of the Grand Council. He once had the power to create portals from his mountain to earth; these portals are what the humans now call the Flux Tunnels. Thousands of years ago, when he first took over the Westroc T