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Legendary Typhonic Beast

About The Typhonic Beast, sometimes known as the Set animal, hails from the Mediterranean country of Egypt. The animal is associated with the Egyptian god Set or Seth who is linked with confusion, chaos and violent storms. The creature appears many times in hieroglyphs as representing Set. Photo courtesy of Roxanne Shewchuck The Typhonic Beast is typically represented as a black, four legged creature with square or triangular ears standing on end, a long muzzle and an upright tail. The tail has some variation depending on the source. Some state the creature’s tail is forked at the end, while others say it is tipped like a lion’s. One of the early discoveries of this animal in connection with the deity, is an ivory comb with the figure on top of it. This object was found in Mahasna. Those who discovered it, noted it had no tail, unlike some of the hieroglyphic versions, and its long face resembled a donkey. Many different historians, archeologists and researchers have debat